September 28, 2023

Six South Koreans Witnessed True Malay Wedding At Kampung Ayer Limau

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Malaysia is proven as a country which consist the most cultural diversity and multi-ethnic people as it’s citizen.

From Perlis to Sabah, all the 14 states of Malaysia has their own unique stories and cultures also either urban or rural area in Malaysia has been proven being among the most visited places in the world.

One of the main attraction that tourist want to experience is the kampung lifestyle.

We know as well that, many of us Malaysians came from villages throughout the country. There are many different kinds of villages that we called kampung in Malay.

Tourist from all over the world are willing to pay much money just to experience the kampung life.

Where else thay can get such an awesome experience if not at Malaysian Homestay. Homestay in Malaysia is registered under the Ministry of Tourism and Culture to ensure the high quality and experience delivered.

You will see the showcase of true kampung life and a memorable experience to bring back to your home country.

I would like to get your attention to Homestay Kampung Ayer Limau, in Masjid Tanah, Melaka. Here, as a tourist and guest which in Malay we call ‘Tetamu’, you can feel various types of kampung culture even the traditional Malay weddings.

Homestay Kampung Ayer Limau is manage by the villagers itself but the person which coordinates all the stuff is Mr Zohaime Muhamad Sori and his wife. They even manage their own Kampung Stay houses which is called EnJ Kampungstay here in Kampung Ayer Limau.

Previously, he invited six South Korean’s tourist to Ayer Limau Homestay to experience the traditional Malay Wedding.

Even more special, their also wearing the traditional Malay costume named named Baju Melayu complete with Tanjak or Tengkolok for men and Baju Kurung for women. Mr Zohaime spends hours with them early that evening to prepare them with Baju Melayu and their Tanjak.

He himself also wore the same kind of costume to accompany those Koreans to the wedding.

The Koreans, Lee Mooyoung, Souhl Byungsang, Park Chongwon, Ko Kyeinghee dan Yang Myoungsook were very excited and they can’t hardly wait to experience the real Malay traditional wedding.

The most special element in Ayer Limau Homestay is, they will arrange a mock wedding upon request from their guest just to showcase the whole process of the culture.

Mr Souhl also ask me whether the ceremony is a mock or a real ceremony and of course it is a real wedding and they are very happy to experience it.

The couple tied the knot of marriage with ‘Majlis Nikah’ earlier and the Koreans got the chance to witnessed the ceremony with their own eyes. They also had the opportunity to see fireworks which makes the weeding more memorable and special for the pengantin even for the villagers themselves.

After the wedding, Mr Souhl in a short speech told in a video that he is very happy to witnessed the most special cultural event in Malaysia, which is the Malay wedding.

In Homestay Kampung Ayer Limau, they can provide anything that you need to experience Malaysia and they can make it real for you. It is the right place for you to spend your holiday with family here or having a nice vacation with friends.

Mr Zohaime and his wife is always ready to receives you and treat you well with a nice hospitality throughout your stay there. Contact Mr Zohaime at 019-275 3707 for further inquiries about Kampung Ayer Limau.

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