February 23, 2024

Dr Louis Adaikalam Bringing Sleep Tourism From Malaysia To Osaka Promoting KL, Sabah and Langkawi

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A team lead by Malaysian Sleep Apnea Association President, Associate Prof Dr Louis Adaikalam will depart for Osaka, Japan on 23rd October to promote Sleep Tourism Packages here in Malaysia.

The Sleep Tourism Package Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi – Sabah will be promoted at JATA Fair in Osaka from 24 – 27 October 2019.

Prof Dr Louis Adaikama (2nd from right sitting) will be promoting Sleep Tourism which was initiated by Malaysian to Osaka, Japan.

Sleep is a natural process that is vital to our ability to function. Many of us today are guilty of not prioritising sleep, favouring work, social media activity and other distractions instead.

Lack of sleep is a major drawback in achieving an optimal lifestyle. Studies have shown that sleep deprivation can be a cause of reduced productivity at work, and even accidents.

Those suffering from lack of sleep also tend to have detrimental characteristics, which include but not limited to, heightened negative behaviour, poor focus, as well as memory problems.

That’s not all. Sleep deprivation can lead to numerous health issues like increasing the risk of stroke, obesity, hypertension, dementia and diabetes.

Tourists who take this package will be going through sleep correction in a unique ambience, that involves travelling to Malaysia.

With a tagline “Quality Sleep, Quality Life” they will experience the calmness and tranquility of beaches in Langkawi and Sabah, while enjoying these bespoke packages.

They will undertake various treatments to solve their sleeping problem such as Natural Therapy, Cyrotherapy, Normatec Therapy, Flotation Tank and oral appliances.

Floatation tank treatment.
A package for Kuala Lumpur – Langkawi Sleep Tourism for curing Sleep Apnea.

Malaysian Sleep Apnea Association will also be participating in the World Travel Mart (WTM) with MITA in London from 4-6 November 2019, ArabHealth in Dubai from 27 – 30 January 2020.

The Association is looking at working closely with Travel Agents in the respective countries to further promote Sleep Tourism Packages.

It is also crucial to remember that the quality of sleep is far more important than the quantity. So, sleep your way to good health and a happier, more productive life.

For further information, pls visit www.sleepapnea.org.my.

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